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Apple MacBook Pro 17 Inch (MD311LL/A) Review

In this article, I'll be reviewing the MD311LL/A model MacBook Pro 17 Inch with Core i7, AKA "still the best 17 inch laptop of 2013".

The race to create the ultimate laptop is still raging on, despite the growing interest (and performance) of smaller devices such as tablets and cellphones.

In fact, the demand for ultrabooks is as strong as ever. Apple, arguably the leader when it comes to premium gadgets, threw their 17 inch hat into the fray with the Apple MacBook Pro 17 Inch Laptop, which - although officially discontinued by Apple - is still being touted as one of the best 17 inch ultrabooks on the market in 2013.

So what's special about this particular laptop? Read on to find out.

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Apple MacBook Pro MD386LL/A 17-Inch Laptop


As the dimensions would suggest, the MacBook Pro MD311LLA's display should be one of its strongest suits. And yes, the 17-inch screen doesn't disappoint at all. Its screen real estate can only be equaled by a select few in the laptop market. And to make full use of this massive screen, it also displays images at an astounding 1920x1200 HD resolution. Making everything work is a powerful AMD Radeon HD 6770M image processor. When saving power, it automatically switches to Apple's integrated Apple HD Graphics processor. LED backlighting combines optimal brightness with excellent energy efficiency.


A computer of this calibre must be equipped with the most powerful hardware available. And on the processor end, this laptop definitely has it. It comes installed with the top-of-the-line processor from Intel, the much-vaunted Intel Core i7. This second generation quad-core processor comes with features that greatly improve performance for 3D gaming, digital media management, and content creation. This chip also comes with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which allows for dynamic increase of performance during heavy-duty use. And with Hyper-Threading Technology, multitasking performance is improved by allowing each core to work on 2 tasks at the same time. Combine that with a 750GB HDD and a 4GB RAM, and you have the makings of a superb performer.

Unique Technologies

This laptop has no shortage of unique and innovative technologies. But the one that takes the headlines here is the Thunderbolt technology Apple developed in partnership with Intel. This system allows for incredibly fast transfer speeds recorded at 10GB/second. All you need is a system that is Thunderbolt-compatible. You can also use USBs and FireWire on the Thunderbolt port, but you'll need an adaptor for that.


Apple is well-known for their design genius, and this product is no different. It all starts with the unibody structure made exclusively from aluminum. The use of aluminum makes it extra light for its size and provides serious durability. Stunning looks is a bonus on selecting such material. It also uses a track pad without a button, allowing you to have more space for tracking. Not only does it recognize conventional clicking, but it also recognizes multi-touch gestures such as swiping, pinching, and inertial scrolling, among others. This allows for a more intuitive using experience.

The Bottom Line

Right from the outset, it can be seen that Apple has pulled all the stops to make this product (arguably) the best ultrabook in the market. Although the 2000+ dollar price tag might keep this machine in the clutches of only the wealthiest of geeks, the Apple MacBook Pro MD311LL/A 17 Inch is every bit as good as advertised and well worth the price of purchasing brand new.

If you're looking for even more power than this system provides (and that's a lot) you can also check out the 17 Inch Apple MacBook Pro MD386LL/A available at Amazon.


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