Tuesday, 19 February 2013

HireWriters.com Review: The Best Online Writing Service?

As a hyper-active blogger and secret fan of outsourcing content (shh...), I would like to share my HireWriters.com review from a client's point-of-view -- especially for those who are still on the fence about trying them out.

HireWriters.com is an online content writing service similar to Zerys Content Marketplace where you can order high quality custom articles at affordable prices. That's the site in a nutshell (according to their marketing copy), but there's more to it than meets the eye.

The first thing I noticed about HireWriters.com was the somewhat playful website design which is a nice change from the 'clinical' corporate look of many alternatives to HireWriters. The signup process is extremely quick, and once you've entered your user details you're almost ready to start hiring writers online.

The hiring process is similarly straightforward. All you need to do is deposit some funds into your HireWriters account via PayPal or Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard) and you can begin posting your projects straightaway. The minimum deposit amount is $10, which was all I was willing to risk on my first test run.

After depositing my $10, I was pleasantly surprised to see an extra $2.50 added to my account as a first-time deposit bonus... A nice touch!

So my next step was to post my article writing projects. The interface for submitting project details and instructions is dead simple and asks you for all the basics (topic, word count, special instructions, etc.). Once you're done filling it out, you simply confirm the details and... wait.

Within 20 minutes of submitting two articles to be written, I saw they had been assigned to two separate writers. I was able to have a quick browse at the profiles of the writers, which unfortunately weren't that impressive (although this does make sense, since I only selected "general writers" rather than highly-rated ones, which are more expensive).

Nevertheless, both writers delivered my articles well within deadline -- an important point for me. As for the quality? Good! After reviewing the articles, I saw they did need a tiny bit of polishing, but no major editing was required and I was really quite thrilled with how well they handled my instructions.


Overall, my experience of HireWriters.com was a good one, and I definitely plan to use them much more in the future. I spent less than $10 and about 5 minutes of my time, and got two personalized, professionally-written articles in return. No actual correspondence between myself and my writers took place at any time, and the whole process went down really smoothly.

As a bonus, you're also given free "spin" versions of the articles, which you can run through article spinning software to create unique versions for article submissions (not really my cup of tea, but there you go).

Want to give them a shot? Sign up with HireWriters.com now and go get some great articles for even better prices.

Getting articles written instantly and on-demand doesn't get easier than this!

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