Sunday, 24 February 2013

6 Chatroulette Alternatives To Satisfy Your Random Cam Addiction

Ever since Chatroulette dropped that 'pesky' anonymity clause from their ToS, there's been a mad scramble to find the best Chatroulette and Omegle alternatives of 2013. Luckily for Chatroulette hobbyists and addicts, it's not hard to find a good site like Chatroulette these days.

After Chatroulette's massive success a few years ago, it was only a matter of time before cam site clones and spin-offs made their way out of the woodwork. The problem is, with so many Chatroulette alternatives out there, how do you know which ones are worthwhile?

That's where this list of the 7 Best Sites Like Chatroulette comes in. The roundup contains a neat summary of each random cam site and how they differ from the original Chatroulette. Not only that, but you'll even find a Chatroulette alternative for iPhone, iPad, and Android. After all, random web cam chatting is much cooler when you're hanging out at your favorite spot!

Check them out, and enjoy the chatting.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 Review: The Best Online Writing Service?

As a hyper-active blogger and secret fan of outsourcing content (shh...), I would like to share my review from a client's point-of-view -- especially for those who are still on the fence about trying them out. is an online content writing service similar to Zerys Content Marketplace where you can order high quality custom articles at affordable prices. That's the site in a nutshell (according to their marketing copy), but there's more to it than meets the eye.

The first thing I noticed about was the somewhat playful website design which is a nice change from the 'clinical' corporate look of many alternatives to HireWriters. The signup process is extremely quick, and once you've entered your user details you're almost ready to start hiring writers online.

The hiring process is similarly straightforward. All you need to do is deposit some funds into your HireWriters account via PayPal or Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard) and you can begin posting your projects straightaway. The minimum deposit amount is $10, which was all I was willing to risk on my first test run.

After depositing my $10, I was pleasantly surprised to see an extra $2.50 added to my account as a first-time deposit bonus... A nice touch!

So my next step was to post my article writing projects. The interface for submitting project details and instructions is dead simple and asks you for all the basics (topic, word count, special instructions, etc.). Once you're done filling it out, you simply confirm the details and... wait.

Within 20 minutes of submitting two articles to be written, I saw they had been assigned to two separate writers. I was able to have a quick browse at the profiles of the writers, which unfortunately weren't that impressive (although this does make sense, since I only selected "general writers" rather than highly-rated ones, which are more expensive).

Nevertheless, both writers delivered my articles well within deadline -- an important point for me. As for the quality? Good! After reviewing the articles, I saw they did need a tiny bit of polishing, but no major editing was required and I was really quite thrilled with how well they handled my instructions.


Overall, my experience of was a good one, and I definitely plan to use them much more in the future. I spent less than $10 and about 5 minutes of my time, and got two personalized, professionally-written articles in return. No actual correspondence between myself and my writers took place at any time, and the whole process went down really smoothly.

As a bonus, you're also given free "spin" versions of the articles, which you can run through article spinning software to create unique versions for article submissions (not really my cup of tea, but there you go).

Want to give them a shot? Sign up with now and go get some great articles for even better prices.

Getting articles written instantly and on-demand doesn't get easier than this!

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Payoneer Card: Overview & $25 Referral Promo

A free Payoneer card? With the $25 bonus for you? That's right. Sign up with this link right here and you'll get your own Payoneer MasterCard debit card, plus $25 completely free when you earn at least $100 to your card.

Payoneer is a trusted online payment services provider for freelancers and digital marketers who earn money over the internet. Payoneer offers branded MasterCard debit cards for the purpose of receiving payments from companies all over the world.

You no longer have to dream about quitting your day job - get a Payoneer card and start using your skills online as a freelance worker. You can even use it to get paid affiliate commissions from blogging.

Still not sure why you should sign up with Payoneer? Here's a short collection of helpful resources to send you on the right track.


Payoneer Card Review

For an excellent overview and summary of the Payoneer prepaid debit card, see this Payoneer Card Review.


Payoneer Card Fees Comparison (vs. PayPal)

If you're curious how Payoneer's fee structure compares with PayPal, take a look at Payoneer's Support Pages and PayPal's Fee webpage.


Popular Companies on Payoneer's US Payment Service Whitelist

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WP Engine Review + Discount Coupon Code / Promo

WP Engine Review: Best Managed WordPress Hosting in the World?



WP Engine Review + Coupon CodesWith a good number of website hosting providers offering their services to the public, webmasters and website owners are now in a predicament to choose the best for their specific needs. Websites running through the Wordpress platform are no different, as various providers offer a wide array of expertise, with some even extending free services. This leads to the question, do WP Engine’s assertions of being the best Wordpress hosting in the world hold any truth, or are the service’s founders just holding on to false claims? 

The first thing any potential user would notice about the WP Engine at the onset would be its price. Compared to other web hosting providers, the WP Engine has a noticeably heftier price tag. Website owners who plan to invest in their websites may not mind this factor, but it goes without saying a provider that has similar services but offers them for free will be preferred.
So, how does WP Engine distinguish itself from the rest? 

First is its customer service and support. This web hosting provider’s support vehicle goes beyond what customers may expect from customer service for any service. Every problem a customer forwards gets sorted out, even for other concerns that are not necessarily directly related to Wordpress, such as plug-ins. While plug-in developers should resolve issues regarding plug-ins, WP Engine customer service is also known to help customers with these concerns, to the point that even the company’s CEO has been known to provide answers to queries in their support line.    

Once initial issues with transferring WP blogs to WP Engine are ironed out, running the site through WP Engine is mostly similar to running a blog hosted on WP alone. A noticeable difference would be lower incidences of bugs and roundabout processes that WordPress has, through the years, developed, to the chagrin of most WP site owners. For example, most self-hosting WP blogs go into a redirect loop if the site owner logs into the website. This issue is immediately solved by WP Engine by directing the accountholder immediately to the dashboard so that he or she can immediately work or effect changes on the website.  

WP Engine proves from the get-go that it is the best Wordpress hosting 2013 service by letting account holders edit posts in a very user-friendly interface that runs faster and smoother than self-hosted WP sites. Users can then manage comments without hitches, so that errors, slowdowns, or explainable hangs are avoided. Through the process, the speed of hosting can be enjoyed, and is very noticeable for those who are used to the usual WP process. 

The plus with WP Engine with regard to speed is that the faster speeds can be experienced with consistency. The issue with other WP hosting providers is that in some instances. Speeds could be very fast, but eventually go very slow within minutes. These spikes in speed can cost website visitors who may get frustrated with the inconsistent speed. Even with an influx of visitors to a website, page speed does not plummet, which is very beneficial to websites that demand speed consistency even with the influx of traffic.

But aside from the speed, what contributes further to the ease and convenience in maintaining a WP website is the lack of spam.  In self-hosted WP blogs, and even in other blog platforms, webmasters and website owners have to face a constant stream of spam comments and visits. WP engine runs an anti-exploit software that just works – no frills, no bloat, and with the ability of dropping spam close to zero.

WP Engine also works for a lot of users because they adhere to their guarantees. This includes a 99.5% uptime for the server, with a guarantee of a per hour refund of monthly hosting fees if the uptime of the server goes below 99.5%.

So, is WP Engine indeed the provider of the best wordpress hosting in the world? To say it is the best would be too conclusive, although users agree that it does the job very well. If website visitors have no difficulty with loading a page or going through an entire WP site because of WP Engine, then it goes to show the product does its work great. 

In the end, what WP Engine does is that it provides not only a very able web hosting service, it also becomes a dedicated systems administrator that irons out problems at a remarkable speed and capacity. This is something a lot of website owners can definitely benefit from, as it allows them to concentrate on other pressing matters like maximizing exposure of their brand or increasing profit. 

With consistent speed, website visitors will find improved browsing experience, which ultimately should increase traffic and drive the website closer to whatever goal it wants to achieve.